pura | Taft- Eden No.1 smart vial

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Spicy-floral bergamot and warm cardamom blend effortlessly with soft jasmine, suede, blonde woods, and leather. It’s a refined and elegant statement on the magic that comes from honesty and vulnerability.


Mysterious. Floral. Soft.

This fragrance is one that exudes comfort and an intriguing sense of connection. Notes of bergamot, cardamom, and tangy mandarin open the fragrance and combine with exotic jasmine, rose, and soft suede to deliver feelings of mystery. Base notes of warm amber, leather, and blonde woods offer grounding and coziness.

Fragrance for the bold

Taft believes in bold vulnerability, in putting yourself out there in a way that inspires others to live boldly as well. They believe that your actions show who you are and what the world could be. The Pura x Taft fragrances were born out of a love for uniquely designed, well-made products and artistically represent beautiful materials and creations.